Important information

Rights users are, for example:

  • Private persons who listen to music, watch a movie at home or make a copy thereof (hard disk);
  • Teachers who record a TV program for teaching;
  • Local telecommunications companies (Swisscom, Sunrise etc.), that deliver radio and TV programs to your house;
  • Restaurants, bars and other public places that play background music.

If you buy music or a film, you are entitled to use it for private purposes, i.e. among friends or relatives. However, any further use, so-called secondary use, is not covered by the purchase price. SWISSPERFORM collects the remunerations for these secondary uses.

The collecting societies exercise the rights on behalf of their rightholders and collect the statutory claims for remunerations resulting therefrom. Together with the Swiss collecting societies we negotiate the amount of compensation with the users’ associations and establich common tariffs. These common tariffs are by the Federal Arbitration Commission for Copyrights and Neighbouring Rights (ESchK) for a certain period of time. They are then published in the Swiss Gazette of Commerce.

Through the «extended collective licence» contemplated under the Swiss Copyright Act, SWISSPERFORM and SUISA may grant a collective licensee the right to use a large number of musical works, even if the societies do not represent all the rightholders involved. The institution of an extended collective licence is designed to promote the use of rights which it would otherwise be extremely difficult to exploit.

Rightholders who object to an extended collective licence may exclude their rights by filing an opting out notice.

SWISSPERFORM has granted the following Extended Collective Licences:  SVA_Memoriav 2022