Respect ©opyright!

School campaign on copyright law

Is copying songs legal or illegal? How do performers get paid for their work? respect ©opyright! intends to offer teachers and young people an exciting, creative and professionally prepared lesson where information on copyright matters is presented in an entertaining way.

A well-known young creative artist such as the rapper Manillio shows that copyright issues can be dealt with in a positive and solution-driven way and integrates students into his artistic performance.

Workshop with Manillio

Would you like to offer such a workshop at your school?

Get in touch via the website of respect ©opyright! or contact the office of coordination in charge, located in Berne.

Attendance: 100–200 students, 12–16 years. Duration: 60 minutes.

A campaign by the five Swiss collective management organisations ProLitteris, SSA, Suissimage, SUISA and SWISSPERFORM.