SWISSPERFORM represents two producer groups: audiovisual producers such as film producers and phonogram producers such as sound recording producers.

Audiovisual producers

Works have to be registered with Suissimage which also registers the usage of the audiovisual works.

Register your works with Suissimage

Phonogram producers

Notification of claims

SWISSPERFORM maintains a database where all recordings incl. the producer’s information are documented. SWISSPERFORM updates this information as far as the relevant information has been provided. Very important is that you must hold a valid contract with SWISSPERFORM. You can order the contract here. For using the Claiming Tool your contract (respectively contracts if you act in different roles) needs to be returned to SWISSPERFORM signed by you by the time Claiming Tool is activated.

Remunerations can only be calculated if your entitlement to the recording has been registered in the database.

You can notify us in two ways of recordings for which you claim remunerations:

1. List of all used recordings in a digital format

From mid-June onwards  SWISSPERFORM will, upon request, send you all used recordings used in the previous year in a digital format.  Please send your request via email to

With this list you can then, depending on the role you act on, i.e. original producers or entitled to collect, notify us of your claims on the relevant recordings. For this you will need to mark the relevant recordings and send the list back to us via

A detailed instruction will be published in July.

2. Claiming Tool

On the other hand, you can notify us of recordings via the online platform «Claiming Tool» of SWISSPERFORM. This tool allows the beneficiary to search the recordings played during the accounting year for which they intend to claim remuneration as original producers, rights holders or as persons with a collecting authorization by repertoire.


Manual Claiming Tool

Graphic illustration conflict resolution

Declare your sales

By declaring their turnover, phonogram producers participate in the turnover-based distribution. Please note that the right holders’ shares that do not reach the threshold of CHF 50.– per distribution will not be paid out. Experience shows that a remuneration of 6–8% of the reported turnover can be expected from the turnover-based distribution. Therefore, sales reports / turnover declarations of less than CHF 500.– will not be processed.

Sales reports/turnover declarations can only be provided via the respective  Declaration Form A and must be sent to SWISSPERFORM.

Please read our  distribution rules for further information on the distribution to performers.