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Monika Kaelin is an entertainer, singer, presenter, actress, composer, lyricist, theater and music producer and TV producer. She is well known in Switzerland and abroad. Since 1998 she is the president of the Show Scene Switzerland and TV producer and organizer of PRIX WALO. With the annual PRIX WALO-SPRUNGBRETTERN and KLEINER PRIX WALO she promotes as organizer and producer together with the board of directors the Swiss new generation in all fields of music and entertainment.

PRESENTER / As a proven presenter (1992 to 1994 at Radio Central and 1994 to 1996 at Radio Zürisee), she is hired repeatedly because of her profound knowledge, her spontaneity and her charm, both at show and music events as well as at sports awards, golf tournaments and open-air concerts. But also for TV broadcasts 1995/96: «Pferderennbahn-TV», 2002 SF1: «Stars and stars of tomorrow». Every year she organizes and presents the «PRIX WALO Gala Awards», which is broadcast live on Star TV, as well as all the «Prix Walo Springboards» for young Swiss artists and the «Best of Prix Walo Springboard» with the «Little Prix Walo» award ceremony.

COMPOSER, TEXTWRITER, SINGER / As a performer she took part in countless national and international television programs. In the USA she undertook a large-scale and successful tour of all German and Swiss clubs. She attended the Lucerne and Fribourg Conservatories as a violinist. The federally certified kindergarten teacher (Theresianum Ingenbohl) also had the innate talent of singing and yodeling. She performed successfully as a musical actress on stage and on records as an interpreter in «Z wie Züri» (1976), «Die kleine Niederdorfoper» (1978/1986) and released her first single in 1977 «Die cheibe Bräme». In 1987 she had a huge hit with her first CD «Jetzt wämmer eis». She subsequently wrote many successful songs as a composer and lyricist and had great success at the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1987 with her hit «Urlaub im Schweizerland».

FILM ACTRESS / Monika Kaelin is a trained actress and proved her skills in various entertainment films as well as in numerous film sketches. She played with film partners such as Gunther Philipp, Herbert Fux, Tommy Orner and the unforgotten Helga Feddersen in the film «Plem, plem, plem die Schule brennt». Her remarkable successes as an actress in international films made Monika Kaelin well known and popular abroad as well. She played alongside Peter Fonda, Hannes Schmidhauser, Hans Heinz Moser and Vittoria Vera in the film «Family-Express» and with Donald Sutherland and Hans Leutenegger in «Punch».

THEATER ACTRESS / On local theater stages, with partners such as Ruedi Walter, Margrith Rainer, Paul Bühlmann, Lo de Fleury, Jörg Schneider and many others, she played countless leading roles in boulevard plays, such as «Der müde Ehemann», «En schöne Schock», and many more. Stations of her work were the Bernhard Theater, the Hechtplatz Theater and the Corso Theater, as well as all known stages on Swiss tours. The all-round talent also performed successfully in various musicals, such as «Z wie Zürich» or «Die kleine Niederdorfoper». In her own production «Der schwarze Hecht» (1997/98/99/2007), she took the hearts of the audience by storm in the leading role of the beautiful circus princess Iduna with the world-famous song «Oh mein Papa».

THEATRE DIRECTOR, PRODUCER / From January 1996 to mid-May 1997, she successfully restructured and managed – as the sole member of the Board of Directors – the well-known and popular «Bernhard-Theater» in Zurich. After that she founded her own company «Theater& Musik» for theater and music productions, top events, agency for artist mediation as well as for TV productions. For the annual live TV show PRIX WALO she distinguishes herself as TV producer, organizer, editorial director, scriptwriter and presenter.


  • President Show Scene Switzerland (since 1998)
  • TV Producer / Organizer PRIX WALO (since 2002)
  • Delegate of SWISSPERFORM / Audio performers (since 1998)