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Manuel Liniger, better known as Manillio, already foreshadowed his very own line with his first album «Jede Tag Superstar» from 2009. Or let’s say several: Somewhere between cool big-city ductus and small-town pride, between sunglasses wearer and through-the-mist-wall wanderer, somewhere between thoughtful poet and rapper without fear or blame, his spectacularly rhythmic lines and syllables – sometimes drawn out like cheese on a fondue fork – were already then.

«Somewhere» then sent an even clearer signal in 2013, after an intense phase in association with his crew, the battlerap and wordplay sharpshooters of Eldorado FM: Here’s someone ready to redefine dialect rap for himself. On his third album, «Kryptonit», he pushes the boundaries much, much further. The album, mostly produced by his house producers Sir Jai and Ruck P, is at times a lush rap statement, at times a pure feeling of relaxation, at times anger and tension, at times contemplation, often reflection, and time and again a parable. But instead of losing himself in this versatility, which is also musically accomplished, he finds himself more through it, it seems. It is decidedly rounded in its versatility and diversity. He released «Kryptonite Deluxe» in July 2017 and the album «Plus Minus» at the end of 2018.

At the same time, Manillio has mastered something few can. He can sketch a theme, approach it, form a framework for a story, furnish a house in such a way that everyone can find their own way around it. Or to put it another way: he paints pictures that allow everyone to interpret them, that awaken slightly different associations in everyone. Last release: «No Biggie» (2022).

Manillio’s favorite…


  • Moonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson (2012)
  • Somewhere – Sofia Coppola (2010)
  • City of God – Fernando Meirelles, Kátia Lund (2002)


  • MTV Unplugged – Jay-Z (2001)
  • In Search Of – N*E*R*D (2001)
  • Esperanto – Freundeskreis (1999)

TV programme

  • A Waste of Time – ItsTheReal
  • F*ck Thats Delicious – Viceland