The total income of SWISSPERFORM – after covering the administrative expenses and the 10% deduction for the cultural and social funds/projects – is distributed to the five right holders’ groups. The funds were allocated as follows (2023):

  • 19.91% to Audio performers
  • 19.81% to Phonogram producers
  • 13.26% to Audiovisual performers
  • 12.51% to Audiovisual producers
  • 34.51% to Broadcasters


Prior to the distribution process, SWISSPERFORM deducts the shares for the funds and the shares for administration costs from the (gross) annual tariff income.

Funds for cultural and social purposes

Pursuant to Art. 48 para. 2 of the Swiss Copyright Act (CopA), Swiss collective management organisations are entitled to deduct a portion of their tariff income «for social welfare purposes and for the appropriate promotion of culture». Said deduction must not exceed 10% of tariff income.

Recipients of such allocations are the Swiss Performers’ Foundation (SIS), the Swiss Foundation for Phono Producers, the Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture, the Swiss Cultural Foundation for Audiovision, Suisseculture Sociale, Fondation Artes et Comoedia, the CAST welfare foundation and the foundation for film and audiovision (VFA/FPA).

Allocations to cultural and social funds 2015–2022

Administration costs

The administration cost rate defines the deduction that SWISSPERFORM calculates and executes from its members’ income for the rights it administers on their behalves. Administration costs are used to cover SWISSPERFORM’s expenses (such as salaries, rent etc.). Administration costs in 2023 amounted to CHF 6’270’728.– which is the equivalent of an administration cost rate of 9.86%.

Administration costs 2015–2023 / *From 2022, the financial result will no longer be included in the calculation of administrative costs, so that the cost rate will provide a better indication of the effective costs of administration.