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Our governing bodies

SWISSPERFORM is an association. The governing bodies of SWISSPERFORM are:

Delegates' Assembly

The Delegates' Assembly is the supreme governing body of SWISSPERFORM and it consists of 50 delegates (20 performers, 20 producers, 10 representatives for the broadcastersbroadcasters
This category includes companies broadcasting radio or TV programmes that are subject to an obligation to notify and obtain a licence pursuant to Art. 3 of the Swiss Federal Act on Radio and Television (RTVA).

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the Delegates' Assembly and supervises the administration at SWISSPERFORM. It consists of 17 membersmembers
Performers, producers and broadcasters can become members of SWISSPERFORM pursuant to Art. 3 of the Articles of Association (german version).

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namely the President, the Vice-President and 3 representatives of each Expert Committee.

Board Committee

The Board committee consists of the President, the Vice-President and the five presidents of the Expert Committees. The Board committee, together with the general management manages SWISSPERFORM's daily business.

Expert committees

The Expert Cmmittees are responsible for the distribution rules and the remuneration income in their right holders' groupsright holders' groups
Right holders are persons who are entitled to a share of the collected remuneration. The distribution rules distinguish between the following five right holder groups:...
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, respectively.


The current auditors, elected by the Delegates' Assembly, are Price Waterhouse Coopers.