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10.12.2018 09:57Age: 2 yrs

Main Settlement of Accounts for Phono Producers 2017

Remunerations for uses in the past year will be made according to the new distribution regulations for the first time.

SWISSPERFORM will calculate the remunerations for the uses in the past year for the first time according to the new distribution regulations. The settlement of accounts will be based on the broadcast notifications received by SWISSPERFORM from selected radio and television broadcasters (SRG and private broadcasters) for 2017. A small part of the distribution sum (share arising from the private copying revenues of domestic beneficiaries) will still be distributed in a turnover-related manner. We intend to effect the transfers within the next two weeks. In May 2019 we will carry out a subsequent distribution (use-related distribution). Thus, until spring 2019 you have the opportunity to report, if necessary, your entitlements to recordings. Further information.
In case of question please contact our member services department by phone (044 269 70 50) or e-mail. Only members or principals of SWISSPERFORM participate in the distribution of remunerations. If you have not yet signed the membership agreement for phono producers you still have the opportunity to do so. The membership of SWISSPERFORM is free of charge.