Organisations providing support

Swiss Performers' Foundation SIS

SIS was founded by the Swiss Performers' Cooperative Society SIG in 1988. Since 1993, it has been regularly subsidised by SWISSPERFORM with performers' money (audio performersaudio performers
This category primarily includes musicians, conductors, choirmasters and singers.

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and audiovisual performersaudiovisual performers
This category primarily includes actors incl. puppeteers, dancers, theatre directors and conductors.

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) derived from the deductions for cultural and social purposes.


The performers' foundation supports live performances and tours (music, dance and theatre) and projects focussing on health promotion and preventative projects (e.g. the music creators' hearing protection project in Switzerland). It grants legal protection in the case of occupational accidents and illness and provides emergency assistance in the case of social hardship cases.


It is also actively involved with Swiss Music Export and the Swiss Foundation for the re-education of performing artists. SIS also supports the work of the Swiss Society for Music Medicine and FIM and FIA at international level.

Phono producers' foundation

The foundation phono producers exclusively supports projects which promote the respective value of sound recording production and exploitation within the cultural sector. These may include cultural events, competitions, awards, (further) education in the field of sound recording production and exploitation, plus general measures supporting culture in favour of sound recording productions.


The foundation phono producers usually does not make direct contributions to sound recording productions or concerts.

Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture

Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture The Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture SRKS/FSRC defines itself as a promoter of and mediator in cultural creativity in the radio sector, both in private as well as public radio. It grants amounts to support radio projects upon application.

Aargau Board of Trustees

The Aargau Board of Trustees promotes the diversity, quality and agility of current artistic creativity. It supports the creation of outstanding works and their interpretation, creates scope for creative processes and for the exchange between artists and the audience as well as among creatives.

RFV Bâle- pop promotion and music network

Since 1994, the RFV Bâle has been providing target and in-crowd oriented, efficient and sustainable support to the pop music scene in the Bâle region.

Cultural promotion by the canton of Zurich

The canton promotes intellectual and cultural life in the city and the countryside, as specified in the cultural promotion concept; responsibility lies with the specialist section for cultural matters of the Department of Justice and Home Affairs.

Pro Helvetia

Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia is a foundation under public law and is exclusively financed by the Federation. It acts in a subsidiary manner, i.e. in addition to the cultural promotion of the cantons and municipalities. Pro Helvetia is responsible for any projects with an impact at federal level.


Since 1989, the foundation FONDATION SUISASUISA
Society for the collective management of rights relating to musical, non-theatrical works.
  * Contact and Website SUISA

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has been promoting current Swiss music activities across the board. FONDATION SUISASUISA
Society for the collective management of rights relating to musical, non-theatrical works.
  * Contact and Website SUISA

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does not just react "passively" to applications but actively promotes creativity in the Swiss music landscape. By means of the supported projects, its partnerships and the permanent presence at events and exhibitions abroad, FONDATION SUISASUISA
Society for the collective management of rights relating to musical, non-theatrical works.
  * Contact and Website SUISA

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continually expands its reach.

Swiss Music Export

Swiss Music Export (SME) ensures that Swiss pop music can also be enjoyed abroad. The association supports artists directly on their path across the European countries and cooperates with partners promoting similar goals.


The Migros-Kulturprozent ("cultural percentage") is a voluntary undertaking of Migros in the cultural, educational, recreational and economic sectors. It provides access for the wider population to cultural and social services by means of its institutions, projects and activities.

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