Notification of recordings

SWISSPERFORM maintains a database where all recordings incl. the producer’s information are documented. SWISSPERFORM updates this information as far as the relevant information has been provided.

Remunerations can only be calculated if your entitlement to the recording has been registered in the database.

You can notify us in two ways of recordings for which you claim remunerations:


Way 1:
On the one hand, you can fill in the following form

Depending on your type of activity (original producer, rights holder or person with a collecting authorization), we kindly ask you to also fill out the following two additional forms:

Please send these forms via email to SWISSPERFORM only accepts these notifications if all information required according to the forms is provided.

Way 2:

On the other hand, you can notify us of recordings via the online platform "Claiming Tool" of SWISSPERFORM at This tool allows the beneficiary to search the recordings played during the accounting year for which they intend to claim remuneration as original producers, rights holders or as persons with a collecting authorization by repertoire.


Manual for Claiming-Tool:

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