Phonogram producers

Phono producers (phonogram producersphonogram producers
This category includes natural persons and legal entities that have the organisational and economic responsibility for authorised productions of phonograms, of which great numbers are intended to be released under a label to the commercial market.

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) of recordings broadcasted by the Swiss radio and television broadcastersbroadcasters
This category includes companies broadcasting radio or TV programmes that are subject to an obligation to notify and obtain a licence pursuant to Art. 3 of the Swiss Federal Act on Radio and Television (RTVA).

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are entitled to remuneration from SWISSPERFORM.


In the following we will explain to you how the remunerations will be distributed and how we calculate your share in the proceeds from the neighbouring rightsneighbouring rights
Also referred to as related rights, these are the rights for performing artists...
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Revision of the Distribution Regulation of the Phono Producers

For the distribution 2018 of the proceeds 2017 SWISSPERFORM changed from the previous “turnover-related” reporting procedure (based on the turnover of the recordings sold in Switzerland) to a „use-related“ distribution system (based on broadcast notifications etc.). 


The supervisory authority, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI), already approved of the revised Distribution Regulation. It can be retrieved at our website.


Here you can learn more.


Here you can inspect the FAQs regarding the new distribution system for the phono producers. 



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