Cultural and social funds

10% of the total income generated by SWISSPERFORM are allocated to various cultural and social institutions which are independent legal entities. With these generous allocations helpful services can be provided that could otherwise not be financed. The right holdersright holders
Right holders are persons who are entitled to a share of the collected remuneration. The distribution rules distinguish between the following five right holder groups:...
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benefit indirectly from these services.


From 2008 onwards, the 10% deduction was allocated to the following institutions:

Audio field

  • 35% to the Swiss Performers' Foundation (SIS)
  • 35% to the Foundation of phonogram producersphonogram producers
    This category includes natural persons and legal entities that have the organisational and economic responsibility for authorised productions of phonograms, of which great numbers are intended to be released under a label to the commercial market.

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  • 30% to the Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture


Allocations to the three foundations that exceed CHF 50,000 are subject to validation by a specially appointed Board of Trustees.

Audiovisual field

  • 80% to the Swiss Cultural Foundation for Audiovisiual
  • 20% for welfare and pension purposes to: SIS, Suisseculture Sociale, Fondation Artes et Comoedia, CAST-pension funds, Pension Funds Film und Audiovision (VFA).


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